Experience Points (XP) & Yoyo Level

What your Yoyo Level is all about and how experience points (XP) work.
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As you complete various activities on Yoyo Chinese, you'll earn 'experience points', also called 'XP'. Earning enough XP will increase your Yoyo Level, which can be found alongside your avatar:The higher your Yoyo Level becomes, the more XP you'll need to 'level up'. For example, levels 1-10 each require 100 XP, while levels 11-20 require 200 XP.

What Does My Yoyo Level Do?

Currently your Yoyo Level serves no other purpose than as a fun way to track your overall progress across all lessons and activities on Yoyo Chinese, but we plan on introducing rewards and other new features related to your Yoyo Level and XP in the future.

Which Activities Grant XP?

Currently it's possible to earn XP in 3 ways:1. Completing a quiz on a new lesson (+5 XP)2. Earning a gold medal (+3 XP)3. Mastering a flashcard in Mastery: Flashcards (+2 XP)

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