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All about the v1.0 of the Quiz Mastery tool found in the Mastery Section.
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What Is It?

Like Flashcards Mastery, Quiz Mastery let's you review lesson content from the Courses in a new and challenging, yet rewarding, way.

In Quiz Mastery, you can select any Level from any Course and take a 10-question Quiz of questions selected from the entire Level of that course, rather one of the 10-question quizzes found in the Learn section.

How Do I 'Master' Questions?

Quiz Mastery also has a 'Mastery' system like Flashcards Mastery to help track the questions you no longer need to drill.

Mastering Questions

  • When you answer the same question correctly 3 times, the question becomes Mastered. (And also regardless of if you've ever answered it incorrectly before. In other words, you could answer it correctly, then incorrectly, then correctly two more times and master the question, etc.)

  • When you Master a question, you'll gain Experience Points and increase the number of Mastered questions in that Level. Mastering a question will also remove the question from the 'deck' and you will no longer encounter the question when reviewing that Level (for now).

You can also find your total Questions Mastered in your Me Sidebar.

How Does the Question Selection Algorithm Work?

Currently each Quiz Mastery session is a 100% random selection from the level.

This means the likelihood that you will see the same question 3 times (enough times to Master it) within a certain period of time is also random.

In other words, in v1.0 of Quiz Mastery you may find that sometimes you Master a question rather quickly and other times it takes much longer simply due to whether or not you encounter it.

The upside of this approach is that it's simple and the true randomness provides an extra challenge, but we'll also be considering ways to improve the selection algorithm, for example by intelligently selecting questions you're having trouble answering correctly.

How Many Sessions Can I Do Each Day?

As many as you'd like! 😁

Because of the random nature of the question selection algorithm, there is currently no 'Due' system in Quiz Mastery like you'll see in Flashcards Mastery.

However this also means at you can do as many Quiz Mastery sessions in a row as you want. (30 min Quiz Mastery review challenge anyone?? 🤔⏱️📚🏋️🚀🧑‍🎓)

Is Quiz Mastery Included in My Lifetime Access?

Yes! Quiz Mastery is a feature connected to the Courses and content in Learn and is therefore included in your lifetime access to Course content and content-related features. This means you can access Quiz Mastery for any Course or Level that you own. (See more details about our lifetime access policy here)

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