In What Order Should I Take the Yoyo Chinese Courses?

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Every Chinese learner has their own unique goals, motivations and interests; so there's no one answer to this question that is right for everyone! This article can help you figure out what works for you.

While it may be tempting to try to plan out your entire Chinese language learning journey from start to end, we encourage you to try and understand yourself by answering a few questions and then simply choose what to start studying right now. There's no good way to predict how your Chinese language goals might change a year (or even a few months) from now, so it's best to focus on deciding the next step and just go for it!

Here are a few questions that can help you decide what course(s) to study next:

  • Why do I want to learn Chinese? What do I want to be able to DO with it?
  • How much have I learned already? What is my current level?
  • Do I want to study spoken Chinese, written Chinese, or both?
    • If both, do I want to study them simultaneously or in sequence?
    • If simultaneously, do I want to study both each day, or alternate?
Our conversational courses and character courses compliment each other nicely, so they can be studied simultaneously or in sequence. It's up to you!

In case it's helpful, here is a diagram of a few possibilities for what your Chinese language learning journey might look like.

Lastly, remember to stay flexible! It's okay to change your mind and mix things up. It's more important that you stay consistent and enjoy the journey than follow some pre-determined path.

We hope you have a wonderful Chinese language learning journey with us.

加油 (jiā yóu)! 🚀

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